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The Benefits | Eastbourne Area Riding for the Disabled Association

Riding has many benefits for children with disabilities, such as improving their self-confidence, self-esteem, independence and general quality of life.  Giving them opportunities they would not otherwise experience.

For children with physical disabilities, particularly cerebral palsy, the physical benefits are enormous.

Children with Cerebral Palsy have difficulty walking and moving because of changes in their muscle tone.  When they sit on a horse, the movements of the horse produce ‘normal movements’ in the riders body.

Riding can help to stretch the muscles on the inside of the riders thighs which are commonly affected by Cerebral Palsy  so the benefits of these sessions  can be seen even when the rider is no longer mounted on the horse.

The overall physical effects of riding are improvements in body symmetry, postural control, co-ordination, muscle strength and stretch.  Needless to say the emotional effects are far-reaching too!